A story about friendship

Friendship                                                                                                              29/11/2016

Behind the seven lands and seas,  lived a boy whose name was Friend. He was very lonely. He thought that he could have a good and funny girlfriend. In the afternoon, before the bedtime he made a choice to find a girlfriend.

In the morning when the boy woke up, he firstly went to eat and then drove to a town. He wandered there for many hours, he met a lot of kind and happy people, but he didn’t find a perfect girlfriend. The boy went home sadly, but he decided to keep searching.

And so he did. This time he didn’t drive to the town, he went to the forest. There it was all peaceful and quiet. On the road there was a fox that came towards him, ready to help the boy. He recommended  that the boy would take a pet and take care of it. And so Friend did that and found a little grey mouse. Friend took care of his friend very well –he fed him, played with him and took him outside for walks.

One morning, the mouse was gone. Friend searched for him here and there and everywhere, but could not find the mouse. He so sadly wandered in the forest and met the fox again and told all of the forest animals about his worry. The fox promised the boy to help him. He saw the mouse’s prints on the snow and he thought that he knew where the mouse was going.

They walked and walked until they arrived at a little foresthouse. A girl with light, long hair, opened the door. She was shocked by the seeing the guests but still let them in. What a miracle – on the corner of the table crouched the same grey mouse with a sly face, who Friend had been looking for.

In conclusion, the mouse was actually the girl’s, called Helena, pet. For some reason the mouse had lost her way home and made her way to the boy, but then unexpectedly arrived home. The young ones decided to get together the next day. That they did and they had a very good time. They didn´t forget the little mouse who brought them together.

One day, when Friend came over, he had a huge surprise waiting for him.

To be continued …


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